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Duty of Security Service:
Maintains a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by monitoring and monitoring buildings and staff.

Job Security Task Functions:
Ensures buildings and personnel by monitoring assets; monitoring equipment; inspection of buildings, equipment, and access points; allowing access.
It gets help by sounding alarms.
It avoids loss and injury by poor reporting; to inform violators of policy and procedures; to prevent offenders.
Controls traffic by directing drivers.
Completes reports by recording observations, information, events, and monitoring activities; interviewing witnesses; to get signatures.
Preserves the environment by monitoring and setting up control structures and facilities.
Maintains the stability and reputation of the organization in accordance with legal requirements.
Ensures the operation of equipment by fulfilling security maintenance requirements; follow the manufacturer's instructions; problem-solving inefficiency; call for correction; testing new equipment and techniques.
Contributes to team effort by achieving related results as needed.
Skills and Qualifications of the Security Officer:
Suggestions, Monitoring Skills, Specials in Uncertainty, Judgment, Determination, Trust, Emotional Control, Integrity, Security Management, Professionalism, Reporting Skills.

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